Seemless really understands customer behavior

Since I settled on my role of being the Product guy at our start-up, I can feel my awareness rise for all–things-product. After a while, you begin seeing little things all around you that is a work of someone who is an excellent Product person or team. These are small things that say a lot about how well the people who built the product understand the users of the product. A few nights ago, I saw this little note sticking out of a fax machine at a historic pizza shop on the Upper West Side.

Upon googling, I found a great piece by Austin Carr on Seamless’ success:

Zabusky describes the infrastructure the company had to put in place to accept orders via fax machine still. “When you place your order online, it goes through our system, gets sent automatically to their fax server, and prints out,” he says. “About a minute later, an automated phone call comes to the restaurant saying, ‘You have a Seamless order. Can you please confirm?’ The order print-out provides a randomly generated two-digit code that the restaurant has to key back into the system, so we know when the order has been confirmed.” If the order is not confirmed, a Seamless rep will call the restaurant directly to make sure the order was indeed received. From there, the confirmation is pushed back to Seamless, which in turn pushes out an email confirmation to the customer, who sees none of this friction.

“We’re still communicating with a lot of fax machines–and believe me, that’s not because we want to,” Zabusky says. “Our restaurant sales team goes in, and tries to sell the most scaleable solution, which is point-of-sale (POS) integration or a computer terminal. And they’ll say, ‘No, we don’t want to pay for that. We don’t need that. Just get us up and running tomorrow.’ And we’ll say, ‘Oh, you have a dedicated fax line? We’ll have to pipe it through there.’

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