An umbrella that doesn’t kill

Walking on a rainy day on the streets of New York City, you find yourself dodging a barrage of umbrellas. I hesitate to call them by such an innocent word as an “umbrella”. That is too nice of a word for an object with multiple pointed edges sticking out, sometimes less than an inches away from bystanders.

Apparently I am not the only one who feels this way about the umbrella:

Mark Wilson writes:

In the middle of a windy Chicago thunderstorm, I often find myself trudging to the store like Captain America facing a barrage of bullets, perpetually fearful of losing my last line of defense against wetness.

Mark goes on to introduce us to an invention of a couple of Taiwanese students called theĀ Rain Shield Umbrella. Beside feeling much more natural, it may also save a few bystanders from going blind.

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